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Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association, Inc.

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Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base History Documents

The Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base is a living legacy, and a tribute to those who dared to dream a dream of High Adventure.

Below you can get a glimpse of the imagination, ingenuity, and hard work that went into crafting the Northern Tier program. You will find letters and articles by the founders, directors, and staff. We hope that by spending some time you might gain insight as to how the canoe base was born and how it has affected the lives of all who have paddled out from her shores.

Document Year
Canoe Trip Records 1924-1928 1924-1928
The Far Northland song from Songs of Camp Minnesota for Girl Scout Leaders, words by Carol Preston (Replace "By Lake Duncan and Clearwater to Bearskin" with "From Lake Agnes, by Louisa, to Kawnipi") 1925
Region Ten Canoe Trips 1932 1932
Region Ten Canoe Trips 1932-1936 1932-1936
Promotion Information 1933 1933
Committee Meeting 1934 1934
Promotion Brochure 1934 1934
Promotion Brochure 1937 1937
Promotion Brochure 1938 1938
Guide Handbook 1939 by Carl S. Chase 1939
Camp Directory 1942 1942
Canoe Base Contribution 1942 1942
Dr. Eddy Rynearson Letters 1942 1942
Guide Notes by Hod Ludlow 1942 1942
Lodge Dedication Booklet 1942
Lodge Dedication Invitation 1942
Lodge Dedication Transcript 1942
20th Year Promotional Brochure 1943
Committee Meeting Announcement 1943 1943
Dr. Eddy Rynearson Letters 1943 1943
Dr. Eddy Rynearson Letters 1944 1944
Promotion Brochure 1945 1945
Attendance Records 1946-1965 1946-1965
Guide Book 1946 1946
Promotion Brochure 1946 1946
Promotion Brochure 1948 1948
Promotion Brochure 1949 1949
Promotion Brochure 1951 1951
Canoe Voyages by George Hedrick 1961
Region Ten Canoe Trip Survey 1961 1961
Committee Meeting 1964 1964
Promotion Brochure 1964 1964
Lady Bird Johnson 1965
The A-Go-Go Dedication 1965
Committee Meeting 1966 1966
Men of Paul Bunyan stature : a history of Region Ten that attempts to show what a Boy Scout region is, what it does, and how it is guided by the men who give it leadership. 1968
Committee Meeting 1969 1969
Committee Meeting 1970 1970
Promotion Brochure 1972 1972
Promotion Brochure 1975 1975
Hod Ludlows Recognition Letter 1982 1982
Baden Powel Brunch Program 1987
Promotion Brochure 1987 1987
Promotion Brochure 1996 1996
Sandy Bridges Recognition Dinner Program 1997
Promotion Brochure 1998 1998
A Manual of Cookery for Scouts, Published By The Kellogg Company Unknown
Charles L. Sommers Wilderness Canoe Base by Oren Felton Unknown
Scouts Like It Rough by Oren Felton Unknown
Wilderness Cookery Unknown
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