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Charlie’s Guide Staff Resource Book

Charlie's Guide

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A wealth of information exists about the areas canoed by participants and staff of the Northern Tier National High Adventure Bases: Charles L Sommers (Ely), Donald Rogert (Atikokan), and Northern Expeditions (Bissett). The “Charlie’s Guide to Lakes Paddled by Northern Tier Scouts” book assembles that knowledge into a concise yet informative book for the staff of Northern Tier. We hope the information about campsites, portages, points of interest, fishing, and history of the area presented in Charlie’s Guide help staff provide an outstanding experience for crews.

The Charlie’s Guide book is a collection of information from current and past staff. In other words, it passes along knowledge gathered over the ages to new generations of staff. As on the water it is not possible to confer with other staff members about fun places to explore, or where great campsites and difficult portages are. The initial effort to collect information was in the summer of 2003. The first publication in 2004 was a modest beginning, with about 260 entries that included facts for all three bases. The response to the first edition was enthusiastic and over 400 additional entries were submitted in 2004. 

With time the woods change through acts of nature and man, requiring information in Charlie’s Guide to be updated. You can contribute your knowledge to Charlie’s Guide by visiting

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