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Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association, Inc.

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2020 Director Nominations

August 31, 2020 4:45 PM | Eric Peterson (Administrator)

The deadline for this has past.

The Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association, Inc.'s Nomination Committee appointed by the Board of Directors has nominated the following individuals to be included on the ballot for election to the Board of Directors for a three-year term (2021 to 2023):

Brian Lux - A passionate lifelong scout and dedicated OA member, Brian continuously supports scouts in reaching their goals and creating a better tomorrow. Brian was an OA Voyage Foreman in 2001 and has served as a Director, Corporate secretary, and Executive committee member within the SAA. Brian enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors and currently resides in Oklahoma.

Adam Long - An avid outdoorsman and adventurer. Adam enjoys spending time on the lake including water skiing, fishing, and the beauty of nature. Adam was an Interpreter out of the Ely base in 2015, Bissett in 2016 and currently serves as Treasurer for the SAA. He currently resides in Minneapolis, MN.

Don Lee - A lifelong dedicated scouter with a passion to instill positive and memorable life-changing experiences. Don has served over numerous seasons in countless positions within Northern Tier High Adventure and the Sommers Alumni Association. Don enjoys the sound of the wilderness and values the lessons learned in the outdoors. Don is committed to bringing the High Adventure program to its highest peak. Don currently resides between Ely, MN and Tennessee.

Mike Joint - A visionary, hardworking, and passionate lifelong scout. Mike has worked his way up the ranks at Northern Tier High Adventure and was most recently the Associate Director of program before going back to teaching at Vermilion Country School in Tower, MN. Mike is synonymous with instilling, creating, and providing the best experience for scouts along with its continuous improvement for generations to come.

Membership may nominate Active Members to include on the ballot for the election to the Board of Directors. Send the nominee name along with a biographical resume and 10 supporting signatures from Active Members by September 15th, 2020 to the President using the Contact Us form (The deadline for this has past.) on the website

Additional Nominations. After publication to the active membership of the Nominating Committee’s recommendations, the membership may have thirty days to submit additional nominations for inclusion on the ballot provided that these nominations are: (1) made in writing, (2) accompanied by a biographical resume, and (3) are supported by signatures of at least 10 active members of the Association. The thirty days to submit additional nominations must conclude by September 15. Additional nominations must be received by the President. Any additional nominee meeting the requirements of this section will be included on the ballot with those nominated by the Nominating Committee.

Minor updates to nominee biographies made on Aug 31.

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